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IRS Claimed Client Owed More Than $60,000

Client's son contacted Ms. Rosenblum because his mother's Social Security payments were subject to levy every month.  She had several medical issues and was unable to leave her home.  She owed the IRS over $60,000 beginning from 3 years prior when she had been unable to file her tax return because she had been hospitalized for 6 months with a severe infection after surgery.  That year she had inherited securities from her brother.  She did not know how to catch up after that return and did not file tax returns the following two years.  The IRS filed substitute returns for those years, meaning they filed returns most advantageous for the IRS based on documents sent in for the client.

Ms. Rosenblum met with the client in her home, and client and attorney created a strategy to resolve tax issues.  Not only was the client's levy stopped, but also a successful audit reconsideration was submitted to the IRS, the client's taxes were reduced to $0, and the client ended up receiving a refund. 

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Tara Rosenblum

Attorney Tara Rosenblum has devoted the last 19 years to assisting people address issues with the IRS.

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